I have heard many people ask, “What can I do to be a hero?”

Being a hero is not as difficult as many people make it out to be. You do not have to save a life to be a hero. Being a hero does not mean you have to put yourself in danger. To be a hero you need to do the unexpected…you simply need to make someone else’s day better.

I believe everyone has it in them to be a hero. Need some help? Try a few things from the following lists and see how good it feels to be a hero.


What can I do to be a hero at home?

  • Leave a surprise note for your partner or child (where only they would find it).
  • Do a household chore you normally do not do (just because…not because you are in trouble).
  • Read to/play with your child (so very, very important).
  • Create a holiday to celebrate someone you love (“Blank” Appreciation Day would go over pretty good…don’t you think?).
  • Thank a partner or child for the things they do every day (does not have to be every time, but feeling taken for granted is terrible).
  • Check in with a family member or friend you have not heard from in a while (it is good to be in touch).
  • Let your partner sleep in on the weekend (take the kids/dog/whatever and gift some extra zzz’s).

What can I do to be a hero at work?

  • Make your first email of the day one of praise (somebody must have done something yesterday that deserves a thank you).
  • Help others find the positive (work can be a drag…lift someone up who is having a rough day).
  • Give someone the benefit of the doubt (not always easy, but the results might surprise you).
  • Hold the elevator (if you are running late…so are they).
  • Bring in snacks…healthy or otherwise (who does not need a pick-me-up once in a while?).
  • Make sure every person in a group discussion feels included (everyone deserves to be heard).
  • Did someone do something great for you? Thank them and them tell their manager.

What can I do to be a hero when out on the town?

  • Let people merge in traffic (just be polite in general when driving).
  • If you see garbage on the ground beside a garbage can…pick it up and throw it out (clean is better).
  • Does someone look lost? Ask if they need help (some people are just afraid to ask).
  • Buy local (it means a lot to local business).
  • See tourists? Offer to take a picture with all of them in the frame (there is always someone in none of the travel pictures).
  • Leave a big tip for excellent service (not more than you can comfortably afford).
  • Do not ignore someone in trouble (not turning a blind eye is the first step in being a hero).

What can I do to be a hero in general?

  • Find opportunities to give compliments (the best compliments are done in front of other people).
  • Tell the truth (it will set you free).
  • Say “thank you” (making someone feel appreciated is very heroic).
  • Smile (you would be surprised how contagious it is).
  • Laugh (also contagious and boosts your immune system while lowering stress).
  • Listen intently (much easier said than done).
  • Be patient (much, much easier said than done).
  • Overhear gossip? Be the one to interrupt with something nice to say. On that note…
  • If you have nothing nice to say…say nothing (silence can be golden).
  • See someone who needs a hug? Give them a hug (just do it).
  • Encourage someone to follow their dreams or achieve a goal (that could be all that is needed to propel someone to greatness).


Be someone’s hero today. You can do it. I believe in you.


Thanks for reading.



What Can I Do To Be A Hero?

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