I have talked a lot about being heroic, but to help understand the importance of making heroic decisions I would like to discuss why so many people are not heroic. Once you understand the many reasons for inaction, perhaps you will be able to overcome them yourself. I know I have fallen victim to many of the reasons on this list at one point or another. Being a hero is not easy, but life has shown me that the easiest path is rarely the most fulfilling.

Top 10 Reasons People Are Not Heroic

Peter Parker no heroic? Sometimes...

10 – Apathy

Our world is becoming desensitized at an alarming rate. To get a reaction from the population more and more extreme stimuli is required. A general lack of feeling, emotion and interest limits heroic decision making.

Let’s bring feelings back!

9 – Laziness/Taking the Easy Road

Doing something is 100% more difficult than not doing it. This is different than apathy because you realize something is wrong, but cannot be bothered to do something about it.

Doesn’t that sound awful? Don’t be that person.

8 – Loss of Privacy

I like my nice, quiet life. If I put myself out there, I could get way too much unwanted attention.

Why do people fear positive attention?

7 – Insufficient Evidence

How do I know that person who fell off his bike is really hurt or if that child screaming is actually in trouble or if those bruises aren’t from an accidental fall or if that bullying isn’t kids just playing?

You will not know until you investigate.

6 – To Busy

My schedule is so jam packed I simply do not have time to stop and help someone in need.

Life should not be a contest to see who has the most things on the go. You miss much more than strangers in need when your life is too busy.

5 – Crowd Dynamics

Studies have shown that people are much more likely to help a stranger when they are alone verses when they are in a crowd. When in a crowd, you spend more time monitoring what everyone else is doing than anything else. Crowds breed inaction.

Like your Mom always said, “If your friends stand around and do nothing are you going to stand around and do nothing?”

Break away from the crowd!

4 – Someone Else Will Help

I am sure someone else is just about to jump in. They don’t need me.

You know what they say about those who ASS U ME.

3 – Risk/Reward

Why should I stick my neck out? What am I going to get out of it?

Helping someone is a reward in itself. But, I guess happiness is hard to measure.

2 – Issue of Responsibility

What if I make things worse? I am not a professional…I do not want to get sued.

This is a tough one in this day and age. Asking consent to help someone should cover your bases.

1 – Fear

Fear is such a primal instinct. It is very difficult to overcome.

All I can say is…feel the fear and try to do what is right anyway.


Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments.


Thanks for reading.



Top 10 Reasons People Are Not Heroic

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