I am going to jump in and answer this question with an emphatic YES. I believe superheroes make fantastic role models for kids.

Here are the reasons I believe children should look up to superheroes…

Superheroes cultivate imagination

Superheroes cultivate imagination

I have said before that feeding a child’s imagination is the most important part of a balanced youth. Playing superheroes helps build a vivid and active imagination (as well as promoting active play). A child with a vivid imagination becomes an adult with a vivid imagination and imagination influences everything we do. A healthy imagination leads to amazing new theories, elaborate dreams, ignited passion, unbridled creativity and ideas/inventions that can change the world. Imagination breeds innovation.

Superheroes lead by example

Invisible Woman saving a child

Spider-man never says, “There is someone in trouble…maybe you should go help him.”

Superheroes, for the most part, are confident team players who take initiative. They jump to the aid of people in need for no other reason than it is the right thing to do. They have special gifts and choose to use them to make the world a better place.

Do you want your child to be a confident self-starter who is empathetic to the needs of others? I know I do.

Superheroes embody important core values

Captain America

What values come to mind when you think of Captain America?

Honour, morality, leadership and service.

What values come to mind when you think of Superman?

Justice, respect, truth and honesty.

What values come to mind when you think of Spider-man?

Responsibility, humour, determination and fun.

What values come to mind when you think of Iron Man?

Achievement, knowledge, boldness and creativity.


Children and adults alike can benefit from a greater understanding of these qualities.

Superheroes are relatable because they are like us

Batman brooding

Superheroes each have their flaws and problems they need to overcome. Iron Man is an alcoholic with daddy issues. Spider-man has to juggle school work, financial problems and girl trouble with crime fighting. Batman is a severe introvert and obsessive compulsive.

Despite all these shortcomings, they are still heroes. They show children that everyone has issues, but you can rise above them to do great things. Superheroes show kids that you can triumph over adversity.


Now I know you are going to say something like, “Sure…I guess I see where you are coming from, but what about ‘heroes’ like Punisher, Catwoman, Deadpool or Elektra? They don’t always do what is right.”

That is true, but that is where you come in. I never said superheroes should parent your kids…I simply said they are good role models. It is your job to let your children know that violence is wrong and that if they jump off the garage, they are not going to fly…they are going to fall and get hurt. It is up to you to expose them to the great role models and steer them away from the bad.

And you can do it.

Never forget that you are the most important superhero in your child’s life. Be the role model they need you to be.


Thanks for reading.



Are Superheroes Good Role Models For Kids?

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