We need some social media heroes…in a very bad way. This topic is much too huge for a single blog post to tackle, but I really wanted to put in my two cents regarding how a few heroes can make a big difference.

Social Media Icons

Here are some of the biggest issues I see with cyberbullying on social media:


Picking Fights/False Bravery

Social Media can be hurtful

This encompasses everything from fat shaming to leaving scathing 1-star reviews to trolling for hits with nasty remarks. The internet can be a disgusting place that brings out the worst in all of us. Lack of consequences breeds a lack of human decency.

It is easy to call someone names when you are sitting alone in your basement.

Did your friend just get dumped? Why not leave an anonymous horrible review of his ex’s parent’s restaurant?

Did not like a comedian’s set on YouTube? Why not leave a blatantly racist comment, sit back and watch the flame war ensue?

A-holes hide behind things like freedom of speech, and flimsy excuses like, “it was just a joke” or “what I said was taken out of context.” The reality is, words can hurt…words can demoralize…words can kill.

How to be a social media hero:

Before you click send, ask yourself this question…

How would it make me, my daughter or my mom feel to be on the receiving end of this comment?

As the old adage says, “If you have nothing nice to say…do not say anything at all.” Being a jerk is never the right answer. Be a hero and leave positive feedback or nothing at all.



Once you put something on the internet, it is there…forever. Nasty comments linked to your account or pictures of anything from drunkenness to nudity to illicit activities can all be used against you.

Your boyfriend begs you for a sext of your boobs? What happens when you break up?

You need to stay sober to retain custody of your children? What if someone posts a picture of you cleaning up the beer bottles after a backyard party?

Posting a picture of yourself passed out with funny things written on your face is only funny until a potential employer is the person viewing it.

How to be a social media hero:

Before you click post, ask yourself this question…

Would I want my 6-year-old daughter or potential employer seeing this?

If you are unsure…just keep it to yourself.

In short, never post anything that could come back to bite you in the butt and certainly never post something about someone else without getting their permission.

Be all means…show your friends. The world simply does not need to see it.


Social Media Challenges

Social Media cinnamon challenge

These boil down to stupid online dares.

Who can chug the most cinnamon? Who can create the best sunburn art? Who can take a punch better? Who can publicly humiliate their kids the worst? The list is endless and is downright dangerous.

Likes are a currency these days. They provide popularity, validation and a bizarre form of love. How far are you willing to go to get likes? Would you hurt yourself, or maybe someone you love? Would you break the law?

How to be a social media hero:

Simple…do not participate in these ridiculous dares and do not give those participating the currency they crave. Even if a part of you wants to laugh…keep your like to yourself. You could be watching your daughter trying it next.

If you are going to do the ice bucket challenge for a good cause…knock your socks off. But, please, whatever you do, stop yourself before attempting the boiling water challenge.


Here is a bonus social media hero tip…

Never do anything with social media if you are tired, inebriated or mad. Regret is a terrible thing.


Now…go leave someone some positive feedback.


Thanks for reading.


Be a Social Media Hero

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