Today I am reviewing the Lego Batman Movie. I know it has already been out for a while, but being a busy dad does have a few drawbacks (not often attending movie premier nights being one of them). Regardless, my wife, my daughter and I finally got the chance to see the movie we have been talking about for a while. There are some spoilers in here…so read on at your own risk.

The Lego Batman Movie

Lego Batman: The Review

For starters I have to say that the perfectly voiced Will Arnett Batman kind of stole the show in The Lego Movie, so it came as no surprise to see him get a spin off movie of his own. The deadpan, egotistical and slightly (more than slightly) delusional portrayal of Batman worked in the first movie and hit new highs in the second. For me this point can be perfectly summed up in my favourite line of the movie. Batman had put Batrope in charge of the group (awesome), but Barbara broke rank to save Alfred. What was Batman’s response to this?

“Barbara…did you see that? Batrope saved Alfred.”


The movie starts with Batman easily defeating every DC villain you could possibly think of…and a bunch that would leave the most diehard fans scratching their heads. The action is furious, puns and one liners are used with reckless abandon and references to all facets of Batman’s 78 years are peppered throughout.

This brain melting cornucopia of flashing lights is offset by Batman’s crimefighting downtime. He is quiet and alone. He spends his time watching romantic comedies and pining over old photographs. This sets up Batman’s journey of discovery.

I felt Batman’s “relationship” with Joker fell a bit flat. It was awkward…and not in a good way like his interactions with Robin. Joker desperately needing Batman to acknowledge that he is his greatest enemy was an ongoing plot point that was unnecessary and really added nothing to the story. I believe having to wrap up this part of the storyline slightly hurt the end of the movie.

Lego Batman: Themes

  1. What does it mean to be a hero? The people of Gotham love Batman, but nobody loves him more than he loves himself. He states a few times that he does not care about anyone else. This, rightfully, diminishes his standing as a hero. The other heroes who make appearances in the movie do not particularly like him and when Barbara tells the populace her view on vigilantes, they quickly second guess their adoration of Batman. When Barbara tells Batman, “You can’t be a hero if you only think about yourself.” a shift starts (albeit slowly) in his way of thinking.
  2. Being a part of a team/family is better than being alone. Alfred, Barbara and Robin have an uphill battle trying to make Batman see this point, but they eventually wear him down.

Lego Batman: What Worked

  • Batman’s unwavering confidence
  • Barbara’s voice of reason
  • Robin’s enthusiasm that knows no bounds
  • Batman accidentally adopting Robin
  • The fact that the relationship between Batman and Robin could not possibly be more awkward
  • Great action with tons of bad guys, explosions and general mayhem
  • Rapid fire jokes and Batman references
  • Good underlying messages
  • Appropriate for kids because there is nothing too risque (some bathroom humour and flirting and terms like butt, loser and sucks)

Lego Batman: What Did Not Work

  • Batman’s relationship with Joker
  • At times there was too much going on

Lego Batman: Conclusion

I thought Dark Knight was (by far) the best Batman movie to date, but The Lego Batman Movie honestly gives it a run for its money. I really enjoyed it, my wife really enjoyed it and my daughter really enjoyed it. Go see it…you will not be disappointed. I give The Lego Batman Movie 4 KAPOWS out of 5.

Lego Batman gets 4 KAPOWS out of 5


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The Lego Batman Movie – Movie Review

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