Once a hero...always a hero. C.D. O'Dell then and now.


Hello heroes.

My name is C.D. O’Dell and I am here to inspire you.

First, a little about me…I am a devoted husband, a proud at-home dad to an amazing little girl, an aspiring author and a lover of all things heroic.

I grew up with a very healthy love of comic books, epic fantasy and science fiction (anything that required a vivid imagination to truly appreciate). Marvel, DC, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Dungeons & Dragons, Transformers, Thundercats – I loved them all.

But, what do all these things have in common? Heroes. The idea that evil exists, but heroes will rise up and those heroes will triumph. The idea that standing up for those who cannot is noble and the idea that together we can make our world a better place.

Though I may not have been the most popular kid on the block, I truly believe the amount of heroic media I gobbled up helped me become the good person I am today. What are some examples you ask?

  • I open doors for people without thinking about it.
  • When I see someone drop something, I help them pick it up.
  • I let people merge when traffic is terrible.
  • I smile and wave to strangers.

These everyday acts of kindness are not heroic in the same way as pulling someone from a burning building (though I believe, when the chips are down, I would do that too), but they do accomplish something very heroic – they all make someone else’s day a little better.

I created the Society of Heroes to help inspire a worldwide community of heroes. What exactly do I hope to accomplish?

  • Each hero who visits my blog will chose to do something that day to make someone else smile.
  • You all choose to share a heroic story with me.
  • This blog overflows with inspirational stories and motivates others to have a heroic mindset.
  • We make our world a better place…one heroic choice at a time.

Please join the Society of Heroes and be someone’s hero today.